bromioli luigi prezioso cool sensation beverage green glass 620 ml

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Perfect for adding a dash of colour and contemporary design to your drink presentation these Prezioso water glasses can be used to serve not only water but also juices and spirits.
Made from eco-friendly Sparkx glass for an ultra clear finish and extra durability they are suitable for use in busy commercial settings such as restaurants, pubs and bars. Permanently dishwasher safe.
Luigi Bormioli is an Italian manufacturer of extra-clear high quality crystal glass for tableware, with large production facilities in Northern Italy. The glass products have an excellent transparency and brilliance, combined with a good mechanical strength and ability to withstand industrial washing cycles.The glass does not contain any lead or other heavy metals.Technological know-how and manufacturing skills acquired over generations of glassmaking activity, allow Luigi Bormioli to constantly innovate their product range and offer new solutions to the market.

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